Fawkes By Nadine Brandes

“Remember, Remember the fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and Plot; I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!” – Guy Fawkes

My Rating: 5 Stars


Published: July 10th 2018

Format: Hardcover, 448 pages

We all have learned about Guy Fawkes and the Infamous gunpowder plot of 1605 during the great plague that wreaked its havoc across the country. Fawkes is a magical retelling of those events by the wonderfully talented Nadine Brandes, which is beautifully told and does not disappoint.

Nadine brings to life a truly imaginative balance of history and fantasy that will leave you completely enchanted and fully immersed in 17th century London. The fact to fiction in this is absolutely seamless, and she introduces a very creative color magic which is a breath of fresh air.

Be ready to embark on an adventure alongside Thomas Fawkes the son of the great Guy Fawkes as he sets off on an epic journey of self-discovery. Thomas comes from a long line of keepers and therefore is a keeper by default in world where color magic is caught between two sides; the keepers and the igniters. Both sides believe the other is responsible for a stone plague that is wreaking havoc across the lands and either will do anything to diminish the other. Keepers are currently under the oppression of the igniters as the igniters want the freedom to use the power of white light, which allows one to speak to all of the colors rather than following the keeper way of just bonding to one color, that of your mask.

Thomas is just about to enter manhood and receive his mask so he may be able to bond with a color. Thomas desperately wants to bond with the color grey as he has been cursed with the stone plague and believes the only way to save his life is by commanding grey to rid him of the plague once and for all. However nothing is ever as simple as one may wish it to be. On the night of his color test where Thomas will be receiving his mask from his father, he finds out his father will not be coming thus he is cast out from school unable to perform his color test to begin wielding color magic. Now with his future and life are hanging in the balance Thomas sets off to London in search of his father and demand that he is given his mask.

Once in London Thomas finds his father, only to discover that he is part of a plot to take down parliament and the King of England in all their igniter ways for they believe this will finally rid them of the dreaded stone plague. Thomas’s father refuses to give him his mask until he is able to prove himself as a true keeper and a trustworthy member of the plot.

In Thomas’s journey to earn his mask he finds himself torn between two sides and at a crossroad to seek the truth. Will Thomas follow his father joining in the plot to kill the king, saving the keepers from oppression and possibly risk the life of a girl he loves? Or will he find out the truth behind this white light and why is speaks to him?

I absolutely fell completely in love with this story and it will easily be one of my favorite reads of 2018. Nadine has created such uniquely rich characters that keep you turning the next page. I am giving this the full five stars it well deserves and cannot wait for her next book Romanov to come out next year!

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