An Enchantment of Ravens By Margaret Rogerson

Fantasy, fairies and romance oh my!

My Rating: 5 Stars


Published: September 26th 2017

Format: Hardcover, 297 pages

Craft is what they covet, Whimsy is where they seek it. Isobel a mortal girl is the master of her craft and has a dangerous clientele of fair folk, to whom she creates stunning portraits for. The fair folk are unable to craft and the simplest of acts such as putting pen to paper will reduce them to dust. With the fair folks obsession with the craft they often travel into Whimsy and trade their valuable enchantments for one of Isobel’s Paintings.

Isobel is soon called upon to paint the royal prince of the autumn court – Rook’s Portrait. After spending much time with the prince she soon realizes that there is something different about Rook. Isobel sees a true human sorrow in his eyes, and puts it to canvas in her painting, a costly mistake.

Rook is furious with Isobel as she has not only put his throne on the line but also might cost him is life. He shows up in the middle of the night and whisks her away in order to stand trial in his autumn court for what she has done.

Along their journey through the fairy lands they encounter danger at every turn. With their own survival at stake they are forced to rely on each other, turning a hatred into trust and thus deepening their alliance into something more that neither one of them want to admit… as love among the humans and fair folk is forbidden and if caught would mean death for them both under the good law of the Alder King.

Will the exquisite craft Isobel can create and the power that Rook possesses be enough to stand against the ancient law and ruthlessness of the fairy courts? Isobel and Rook must fight for their lives in a world where there are secrets lurking in the corners, everything is not as it seems and deception and decay wear a mask of beauty.

This book was right up my alley. It was recommended that if I loved A Court Of Thorns And Roses then I would love this one too! And it did not disappoint. However with that being said I knew going in that this was going to be a fast easy read and just the right book to give me a small dose of the ACOTAR fairy world that I needed, and it was just that. Margaret Roberson’s writing and story flowed well, and completely left me wanting more!

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